We think Janet Hamilton is a big deal

janet the big deal

Ben MacMichael's big mouth

Apparently that’s what it takes to change food bank culture so recipients can leave holding their head a little higher.

The Farmers Truck: Season 2

This season will see a second truck, an online store and even a performing carrot.

The Greenhouse Classroom

The Intergenerational Garden Project is making students in Memramcook food savvy

This is Aaron Shantz: Our Food SENB's co-ordinator

Aaron is using his skills to work with the earth rather than against it

Elizabeth Gorman has the brain of an organizer

Anyone who can say “I love my calendar” with passion in their voice is obviously a born organizer.

Shannon Gallant: a foodie's dream job

Ask Shannon about any of the food she is serving at the Café du Verger at Belliveau’s Orchard in Memramcook and you’ll get the exuberant answer of someone who discovers every day how much she loves everything about food.

Alya Nouasri: The teachable moment

Hydroponics evangelist, teacher and volunteer, Alya is always ready to share her time and knowledge.

Elaine Mandrona: Back to the land redux

Elaine came to New Brunswick from urban Connecticut in the 70s to get back to back the land. Now she’s going back to the land in the city.

Bernadette Goguen's flock of causes

She was alarmed by the food system 25 years ago when everyone was overjoyed by cheap food and year-round tomatoes. Making local food work is more important than ever, she believes.

New Farmers event Dieppe

We spent the day listening to young farmers of the National Farmers Union sharing their experiences in starting and keeping their farms going.

Community Food Mentors: building food capacity

After taking the Community Food Mentor program we began to realize the number of problems that could be solved using food as a starting point.

This is Natalie Goguen: the quiet activist

Natalie belongs to a number of social minded but informal groups.

Saving Seeds in Cocagne

Saving seeds is not easy, but it’s doable. It’s a process.

Laura DeGrace: mad scientist of workshop developers

Laura is dreaming up more workshops for you to attend.