Our Moranda Film

We’re making a film about Moranda Van Geest’s run for a seat in theĀ  provincial legislature as a Green Party candidate. Elaine has known Moranda for a long time so when she asked us to do a video for her we said yes. But as usual I made the project three times as big as the original request and the result is we’re doing her video plus a 10 minute film published sometime after the election.

I wanted to do something different, though. I wanted to share the project as we go along so that’s what this two and half minute piece is about. The basic setup is that we’re going around talking to people in her riding of Albert County who represent the issues. They don’t necessarily represent supporters, but they do know what we’re doing and they do know Moranda. Actually, there are not many people in Albert County who don’t know Moranda because she’s a pretty community minded person.

Anyway, this one is Moranda interviewing Matt Steeves who is a school teacher with a masters in forestry who talked to us about one of the perennial issues in New Brunswick in general and Albert County in particular.

It was a beautiful day, but the black flies! Whoa. You can not only seeing the hordes of them but you can hear them plunking against the mics now again. They didn’t seem to be bother Matt, but poor Moranda was getting devoured but you wouldn’t know it.

A note about endorsement

This film is not an endorsement of the Green Part although I agree with everything in their platform.

The next snippet will feature Samantha Christensen talking to Moranda about the Elgin Eats project.

young woman eating a big tomato
We’ve come across Samantha Christensen around the food events for a couple of years now and finally got to meet her.